This is for Gloria Sirens, you wrote me many time’s and I give comment but, I hope that you found this blog. How rear it is mine blog’s are shorter than I think.


But I will thank you that you have in those time have understood en will help to a good, blog write. And I know you give lessons into write a good blog, and with was good with was very bad. I know it for my self and I print them out. From the own I say this like on nothing and there are some hum it like’s any on.

You Poem And Lessons.

I have also write a poem to you but I do not of you this have read, you can not all the home work read and writing for self and write for the people who you give lessons by

What do I, I go with my self, a New Thing Forward.

I write day by day if I have no inspiration then I write I nothing 2 days nothing, sorry it does’t care me. Do I dream in the night for a good story, then I will write it. That’s coming from too much television and computer on own day, so day by day is not good for you brains. And truly they have right. I type not evry day. I tiered to tiered, not normal tiered so I went to the dokter on monday. Gloria Sirens I give you this site that you can read mine blog. I think he com’s not on Facebook even he com’s on Twitter, if you have Twitter you can look there.

But I Open You Script, Very Intresting.

I open always you script’s, some I printed out easy to read. And so I know the story were you write about over. Some are intresting and I think yes she give not for not lessons, thus I lay me down by the fact so as it is. You are a prof and I’am not. I learning to write a good blog. But I have always the hope that I also a good blogging women shall be. But now it is not, truly but it is the fact.

From 0 Too 8

The leader from the new party Forum for democratie come from nothing and is now the greatest pary.

In mine district has mine party also win, I am very glad with it mine party on who I give mine vote they win also.

So you I hope you to day a glad and interesting blog. 1 how can a filosoof sitting have in the parlement you must also right have studied. You have to know were are they talking about, and you must always good dressed, what he did. But the right you have to know about you head.

Well that”s a studie apart thus you must 4 or 5 years studied, I did that in 3 years from the beginning too they end, a 911 studied. I could that ask and I did for 3 years I must be ready. Maybe he has done that too, but I think from not. He has years for years studied on the Universiteit were witch city I don’t know.

A Filosefer into the gouvernement and into the Districts how is it be possible it’s not mine chose, mine chose has also win, but not this party. I go look were I it best mine vote give to. They have also sitting into at District from Zeeland/Nederland. So mine vote is coming good what I want.

But from nil too eight I do not understand that it’s a man who will spoken in his speech into filosofofise freedom from The Uil of Minerva, not to understand for a normal citizen. Very much people found this not to understand. Me too there begin you not with. Say what you too have say. Friends we have the hole country see and spoken and see what we with all of us have down. It goes good so. There begin you with but not with the Uil of Minerva, who understand this the sins who I have written there begin you with and you say thanks for the graciolacions. Make it not to diffucult. Do it easy and hold it easy.


Iedereen kent het wel een virus die dodelijk kan zijn zuivere vitamines kunnen je helpen om het niet zo snel op te lopen.

Maar desalniettemin kan het je toch overkomen, maar je moet niet de griep en het Coronavirus tegelijk hebben.

Ik heb mijzelf zitten afvragen wat voor troep er in Pfizer zit en wat er in Moderna zit. Voor dat ik dat wilde delen met jullie Moderna heeft in zijn hele test periode 2 zieken gekend en 1 dode is nog al wat wie wil er nu nog moderna?

Pfizer geeft als bijwerking veel mensen hebben van ons allergie daar kun je bij Pfizer weer heel ziek van raken (ongeacht de allergie).

Slot: Vraag u huisarts die kent u fysieke gesteldheid en of u een allergie heeft ja dan nee.

Dit lijkt mij toch het verstandigst.

Sorry You Blogs Are Longer.

Mine Blogs Are Short in the beginning they are very long, I think that you see that very long bogs. Mine Master was Mister T. Mastgrave.

He hold not from personal blogs you have to make your homework, and I will mine story tell what I in mine yeugh has mistaken or not or a child in the time with difecult things I was hoples for mine parents. We cole that here the diffrent each. If you that go read, what you possibly has done yes than is it long. The last are short, hophely you understand it now. They are most all true stories. With greatings Saskia Borst email

What I Found Out 2015.

Respect a human been so as he or she is.

Get not directly angry but talk with echader and have not to quickly to say that is not good. Say that not spoke to echather.

I shall the Lord in who I will believe always be loyel be.

I shall always the Lord must do what he says and let do, there is not a discussion about it.

You shall nobody bring to dead. And no ather God to pray.

You shall die so as God it will, all is it on it cros, with the same paine as J.C. has had.

It paradise must u desurve with you good things what you doe aeths days.

J.C. knows also a hell with it fire and many ather curs divrent curs if you there belongs you have it not good done.

You do self the three times R rest, you shouwer and slaep at the day of you can say repose I do two times repose and I sleep at 14.00 h. And speak to God or Pray bud not luid, God speaks to you and give you your testemonials what you have to do.

God can be mean if you on a day your self not 2 times has repose and 1 time sleep, he warned you that you can have a painful with a weep and that is than the beginning. But you can love this God his name is= Universe


Books about vakantie, Epileptic and I will now a book write a book about Economy.

The book about Economy is not essay, but we look and see and than we write down were the fraud is and who it does. Normal the Gouvernement the first-minister too. The King who we have can nothing do yes one thing, work in houses that shoot his own in-com for a nice pension, if he do what his mother do, and I think it that he that shall do.

But we are not so far:

Now we have a good King on him. He and his women stay on Parlementair show, all what they do must with good-find of the Parlement. Further the can not go. His great, great, great for father has signd for it. But it was (if you now look) not a good idea.

And why has he singd for it?

He thought that he more freedom gets, there was a lot of war, and than he go to go with his own man, if he there was that motiveted his man and he was tacktic good, and that inspired his, he saw what his uncle does, and this like him Maurits was his name, the King’s name was William II.

William has that seen, and ask if he a view troops can hold on and make greater.

A great Hollands quit for the border, with there not was, it was there for the troops of Napoleon to fang on, and from the west-side too surprise and will the not give up than must the great clap from the suith come, there were the English troops. But they did it they won and can there border stel.

So Holland Were Great Again.

So Holland a lot the Duth, now at land of Merkel, Holland has a stick off Belgium back, it is now called Nowbody-land, and now go the German Holland work on discusions about the land what was will Holland back.

Now you know why Trump say America first.

He is from Holland came of. I shame me with so a President, he is stupid sorry for this word but I have now ather word about it.

Were you right on have, you can fight for it, but Holland has years talk about the land, were they right on have. So the people who live there has now a Netherlands nationality tats rear. But you live quit about there in Nobody’s-land. You see with talking you can also back what you has lose, but you have it again. Holland were always a great country.

If You Need Rest.


IF YOU Need Rest, Do This.

If You are deprest, or mabay a year ill (sick) go walk go to such please then you go sit on a tree, and think on nothing (if you can).

Somebody has askt me to write a country song or some tekst, but I’am not a musician but I can try.


With burds has always a Danger feeling by people, the are not in a sweap, but eat the rest of what a tiger has lay douwn. If you are on such pleace are they are there too.

We call that carryburds they say who go to die if the sit with them for on your roof then is some body wreely good sick, they wait when the dokter or ambulance is comming.

But the Danger may be sing too, you have lived as you would lived, and with your songs about love and the Danger it is hou you, you fiel, and has feld.

A kraai is wors then a havik, a kraw coms but a havik not he is be trained, a craw is bad news. Nobody knows why, you get than not away before the bad news for you as be know is.

And than you see 5 days later a big star on the sky, you know that is him.

He has now his rest, for ever, so let him rest in peace.


Redband heeft echt bestaan dat was de troonopvolger van Aglissi zijn voorganger. Eigenlijk had zijn broer recht op de Kroon, maar de Friezen lieten het lot bepalen, omdat hij nu Ć©Ć©nnmaal kreupel liep, maar hij zou zijn gram nog wel halen. Hij wachtte af totdat Redband een foutje zou maken en dan zouden ze hem pakken.

De Christelijke Franken vielen binnen en Poppe, dat was zijn bijnaam dan toch, ging er niet om vechten wat Redband dus wel altijd deed, alleen al het principe overgeven aan een ander dat deed je niet.

En zeker tegenover de Franken niet. De nieuwe Frieze Koning Gerlof is zijn echte naam en Poppe als bijnaam. Het Frieze volk spotte met de Christelijke Franken ze konden wel op hun spugen, wat ze ook deden.

Echter de Friezen dachten dat door het lot de zeegoden hem tot hen genomen hadden. Maar Redbad was slimmer, angst had hij wel vastgebonden op een vlot vlak voor dat de hogen golven hem mee onder water zouden nemen en Redbad zou doen verdrinken.

Hij hapte nog Ć©Ć©n keer naar adem, kon het lang volhouden totdat hij bewusteloos op de Deense kust werd gevonden door: Koningsdochter Frea. Hij leeft een niet al te prettig leven bij de Vikingen, hij doet of hij ze niet verstaat, maar de Frieze taal en het Deens ontwijken elkaar niet veel. Als ze wat tegen hem zeiden ging dat voor beiden partijen in een verstaanbare taal.

Totdat de Vikingen worden aangevallen door de Svearre (Zweden) dat zal een opzettelijke hinderlaag geweest zijn. Want de Franken waren dit ook al van plan en dan de zeilen van de Sveare gebruiken. Redbad wil mee ten strijden trekken, het mag niet. Dit is niet jou strijd toegeroepen door de Koning en andere die ook op gezag zijn beste mannen had opgetrommeld wel 3x wordt hem toegeroepen dat, dat niet zijn strijd is maar die van hun.

Go We Back To World War 3?

Hophely we go not, but if you look to Middle East than you see the fight in and around Siria (I think that it never ended). Evryone in that circel fight evryone think I have somting told aubout that country, nothing is true.

It go aubout the work the steel-factory’s must work, the new Presedent and the King’s has sayd you get work, so the make wapens. And wapens are for, in the army to learn with how you must kill somebody.

Why should a normal citizen as I, your self deprest and hurry about it make hurry yes there are a lot of discussions about this behavaviour. It is not for man and women, with are be a King or Presedent not normally as littel children to talk to eachather thus if they will the world get better, than they must begin by them selfs.

Maybe a Fylosifol thought about me. But it is always we good do should good bag, who bad do, can bad bag.

So I wish evrybody of you all mine followers a happy New Year. A good 2019, and begin good so you get good.

Hophely ended the war but I'”am a normally citizen of the world.

I hope you next year to meet, and tell me what I’am wrong tippet on mine English blogs, hophely I can blog more, but I write mine second book, between mine blogs the third I have already into mine head. That go about ECONOMIE.

Wie Was U Fijnste En Begrijplijkste Filosoof

  • Hoe zou een filosoof van daag de dag net af gestudeerd is over, als hij/zij een proefschrift moet maken over dit onderwerp. Voor mensen die kunstgeschiedenis studeren krijgen ook zoiets dergelijks tussen door. Als ik filosoof zou zijn en hier fijn filosofisch een proefschrift zou mogen schrijven en ik zou dan kort beginnen met 3e Wereldoorlog? Denk dat ik op alles op en aanmerkingen zou hebben met de mededeling kan het niet anders. Soms weten kinderen het beter dan volwassen mensen, ik bedoel maar! Dus laten we eens naar onze kinderen luisteren. Hebben vaak goede ideeĆ«n daar staat een volwassen eerste minister nog raar van te kijken. 
  • Wel die derde Wereldoorlog is al van start gegaan, in SyriĆ« en de Rebellen eigenlijk ook nog IS.
  • Rusland en OekraĆÆne daar is het geweer geschut ook niet stil te krijgen, dus het zal wel weer worden als boven staand plaatje.
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